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  • Hardwood is a term used to describe all wood flooring, solid or engineered. I understand that wood is a natural material which will react to changes in its environment, including humidity and temperature. If properly maintained, hardwood flooring and/or cabinets will last the lifetime of a home. Any objects or impact that can damage hardwood lumber will also damage finished hardwood. It is not a surface that will be flawless forever. You must maintain your home’s indoor relative humidity between 35%-45% with a whole home humidifier and/or dehumidifier. This will minimize the product shrinking and swelling. Temperatures in the space should be between 65° and 75° Fahrenheit at all times.
  • *Failure to follow these recommendations may result in poor performance or product failure and will not be covered by manufacturer or Monteriors Warranties.
  • Some squeaking, popping, or crackling is normal and possible when using staple-down or nail-down installation methods. These symptoms may be aggravated in arid areas or during dry conditions. This is not indicative of poor product or poor installation.


  • Wool carpets are made from natural fibers which may result in slight variations in color, texture, and appearance. These characteristics are inherent to the nature of wool and do not signify a defect.
  • Exposure to sunlight or certain cleaning agents may cause some colors to fade or change over time. It is advisable to use appropriate window coverings or UV protection to minimize color alterations.
  • Initial shedding is common with new wool carpets due to loose fibers. Regular vacuuming will help reduce shedding. This is a natural process and does not compromise the carpet’s quality.
  • Regular maintenance, including vacuuming and professional cleaning, is recommended to prolong the life and appearance of your wool carpet. Please refer to our care instructions for specific guidelines.
  • Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and can be a suitable option for allergy sufferers. However, individual reactions may vary, and it’s advisable to test for any allergies or sensitivities before prolonged exposure.
  • Avoid excessive moisture or prolonged exposure to dampness, as this may lead to mold or mildew growth. Usage in high-moisture areas or outdoors may affect the longevity and performance of the carpet.
  • By purchasing and using our wool carpet, you acknowledge and accept these inherent characteristics and recommendations.
  • Please refer to the warranty documentation provided with your carpet for detailed terms and conditions.


  • When ordering cabinets before framing (due to cabinet lead times or otherwise), all dimensions of cabinet layouts are based on floor plans provided to my cabinet designer. By initiating this, I am accepting responsibility for those dimensions.

  • Any changes requested after placing the cabinet order cannot be guaranteed and most likely will incur charges. If cabinets are not able to be canceled, it is the customer’s responsibility for the originally ordered cabinet(s), plus the cost of additional cabinet(s) added, as well as any associated change-order fees.

  • Appliance specs need to be provided and verified prior to cabinet order, especially for any built-in appliances or appliance panels. If appliance specs are not provided prior to cabinet order or if they are changed after cabinet order, most likely cabinets or panels will not be accurate.

  • Cabinet warranties cover products as received. It is the Owner, Contractor, or Installer’s responsibility to check cabinets for damage or defects prior to installation. Defects/damages need to be reported to the salesperson immediately, prior to installation. It’s at the salesperson’s discretion on whether or not the cabinet can or should be installed. (ex. Sometimes the cabinet can be installed and the damaged door can be replaced.)

  • The cabinet installer is responsible to set cabinets accurately, according to the cabinet plans provided. Installer is also responsible for leveling doors & drawers, adjusting hinges and glides, and applying trim and cabinet hardware.

  • Farm/apron sinks are a part of the cabinet design, the cabinet installer is responsible for installing and setting this prior to the countertop template.

  • If a customer provides their own installer, the above items are the installer’s responsibility and ensuring they are correctly completed and if not, that installer should be held accountable for correcting any issues. If Monteriors is required to bring in one of our installers for items related to improper installation, it will be the customer’s financial responsibility to reimburse Monteriors for this labor.


  • When removing any baseboard, whether it’s wood or MDF, there’s a chance it can split or break. Although we do our best to reinstall the base as it was found, Monteriors cannot guarantee it to the original condition. If there are concerns we recommend hiring a professional trim carpenter and painter. Our installers do not caulk or paint any damaged baseboard during flooring installation.

  • Carpet Seams: I understand that invisible carpet seams are not always possible. Wool and Berber carpet types are susceptible to more prominent visual seams due to their low carpet pile. Monteriors is unable to guarantee you will not see a seam with carpet installation.


  • Payment terms: 50% of estimate due to place order. Balance due and payable at the time of completion installation, or 10 days after delivery if Monteriors is not performing installation.

  • Payment terms for contractors with an approved credit application: All invoices are due 10 days after delivery if Monteriors is not performing installation.

  • A finance charge will be imposed on all invoices if the outstanding balance is not paid within ten (10) days of the due date described in the applicable payment term (above). The amount of the finance charge is determined by multiplying the outstanding balance by one and one-quarter percent (1.25%) per month. This corresponds to a finance charge of fifteen percent (15%) per annum.

  • If the customer fails to pay according to these terms, and the unpaid balance is assigned or referred to a collection agency or attorney, the customer agrees to pay Monteriors reasonable collection costs and fees and/or attorney fees and all court costs.


  • Labor and materials are an estimate only.

  • All “in-stock” returned merchandise must be unopened and is subject to 15% restocking charge and must be accompanied by this invoice.

  • No return on special order items.

  • All products require maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. These guides will be contained with the product or left at the project site when delivered or installed. It is the customers responsibility to read and understand the maintenance requirements of each product purchased. If you do not have this information, contact your salesperson.

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